Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Roland Wise grew up in the Deep South, and while he consciously admits the upbringing to be rather tumultuous at times, he also believes these early years to be his shaping mechanism which for a writer, makes for good storytelling. And like the paragraphs of his life dutifully suggest, Wise lives to generate a poetic flow akin to the rhyme scheme you’ll find throughout the pages of his first children’s book, Farmer Dreams. It’s a book longtime in the making which kicks off the sure-to-be-loved series, The Adventures of Franny Dempsey. Wise’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Master’s in Counseling, as well as elementary school art teacher. From his varied experiences, Wise culls the understanding that we ought to punctuate the lives of our children with nothing less than self-love and acceptance, while showing these little souls via the example of our own lives that their dreams are, perhaps, the most important thing they possess. And Farmer Dreams does just that; it plants that self-loving seed while instilling a budding new love for language within children and parents alike.

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